murder case

PNGDF responds to woman's death

The PNGDF have stated that it is not appropriate for the PNGDF to comment on a case involving a suspect who is a soldier from the Southern Highlands Province, charged with the murder of his partner, a mother of three.

Missing Person Case Elevated To Murder

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said 42-year-old Steven Chauka, from Mouk Baluan Island in Balopa LLG, was travelling on a boat with three other people. Along the way, they were drinking alcohol when a fight broke out. Police believe Chauka was thrown overboard during the commotion.

“An attempt to rescue him failed and the strong current swept him away,” said the PPC. “A search party was mounted for several days but his body was not recovered.”

Review - This week in court

Despite this week seeing Supreme Court sittings held at Waigani, other lower courts were quiet.

Most cases in the National Court were deferred while in Port Morebsy, the District Court saw matters deferred to other dates on Tuesday and Friday, mainly due to the engagement of police prosecutors in the security operation for NCD polling.

In East New Britain, a grandfather was sentenced to 39 years in prison for the persistent sexual abuse of his two granddaughters by the Kokopo National Court.

​Verdict soon on Pokea murder case

Pokea is the man who is accused to have murdered former diplomat, the late Dennis Taylor Bebego, on July 5, 2014, at the Department of Foreign Affairs office at Waigani.

A trial was conducted last Friday which saw three state witness give evidence in court on the alleged murder. Pokea was the only defense witness who gave evidence.

The matter returned this morning before Justice Nicholas Kirriwom, where submissions were made by state lawyers and his lawyer based on the evidence that was presented during the trial.

Kange allowed K5000 bail

Despite four previous bail applications made and refused in the National Court (two applications) and Supreme Court (two applications), the court was satisfied this time around that circumstances had changed since the last bail application was moved, thus bail was allowed.

Kange’s case in the District court was committed for trial on March 28 after it found there was enough for him to stand trial.

Woman admits to killing cousin

Olivia Warome of Watabung village, Daulo, Eastern Highlands Province today admitted before the Waigani National court to killing Wendy Wauwe on the night of April 18, 2015 at the Five-Mile ridge settlement in NCD.

She was arrested  and charged on April 30, 2015 for wilfully and unlawfully murdering another person (Wauwe).

The State presented the indictment or charge against her in court today, amending the charge to manslaughter, which she pleaded guilty to.

Warome was 27 at the time she stabbed Wauwe, a woman the State said was her cousin.

Kange's case to go for trial

The Waigani Committal Court on Tuesday made a ruling it had sufficient evidence that this was a case of criminal negligence by Kange.

In light of the Court's ruling, he exercised his rights to remain silent in response to the court finding of sufficient evidence to commit his case for trial.

He is expected to appear in the National Court on April 24 for listing.

Kange is from Maia village, Pangia in the Southern Highlands Province.

Couple on murder charge show up in court

Olivia Warome and husband Kume Keware appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish on Thursday.

They told the court in the afternoon court session that they were informed of the bench warrants that was issued against them by relatives who read their bench warrant story on the Loop PNG site.

Justice Panuel Mogish commended the media for its role which saw the two accuseds appear in court today.  

Police investigation not business of court

He said the court should not go into the investigation processes of the police when addressing counsels in court on Monday over the case involving Jiwaka businessman Justin Parker.

He made these comments because of an order that was earlier issued by another court for police to conduct DNA tests on a primary evidence material that will be used in the trial.

Convicted murderer asks for 5 year term

Julina Henry and his lawyer went before the National Court today where submissions were made on what the court should impose as her penalty for the crime.

Justice Panuel Mogish in hearing submission reserved his sentence on penalty to Friday.

She was convicted last year for the murder of Naomi Henry, on July 21, 2015 at Wildlife in Port Moresby. Both women were married to the same man.