TWM Launches Solar Source Hydropanels

Total Waste Management (TWM) has launched its new product Solar Source Hydropanels in partnership with an international company Source that provides essential needs such as water, using technology.

CEO Michael Chan said TWM was proud to launch the product, with the cutting of a ribbon to 20 Solar Source Hydropanels that generate water using solar energy.

As a first of its kind in PNG, TWM’s Dan Dixon says the project is a great way and opportunity to bring drinking water to remote areas in PNG. The launch was just the first showcase of installations that will take place in 2022.

Dixon said the 20 panels will make the site self-sustainable, producing 140 liters of water per day.

“The solar panels don’t require power as they are self-operating. All they require is the sun to be shinning and the solar cell powers the water production inside the panels,” said Dixon.

He further explained that the Hydropanels extract water vapor and passively condense it into liquid form to the final product, water.

Chan says TWM is looking forward to taking it to the provincial, district and community level across the country.

Chan said, “The partnership with Source as a global firm, provides what is a critical and essential resource for the community and particularly for those who struggle to get drinking water.”

President for Solar Energy Association PNG Christian Lohberger says, “Total Waste Management is supporting the development goals of PNG by rolling out this particular project. He hopes to see more initiatives.”

 “I think this is a very important technology for Papua New Guinea as there are a lot of water issues in both urban and remote areas,” he said.

Godwin Eki