PNGDF responds to woman's death

The headquarters of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) have responded to a murder case involving a Port Moresby based solider.

The PNGDF have stated that it is not appropriate for the PNGDF to comment on a case involving a suspect who is a soldier from the Southern Highlands Province, charged with the murder of his partner, a mother of three.

"The matter is now with the police who are actively investigating. It is not appropriate for the PNGDF to comment on this, or any matter that is under Police investigation. The PNGDF is a disciplined organization and breaches of our code of conduct, including unsanctioned violence of any kind, are taken very seriously. Any such breach will be investigated, as appropriate, with those responsible being held fully accountable under our Code of Military Justice,” says a statement from the PNGDF HQ.

The incident occurred last Saturday at Murray Barracks, inside the single quarters.