Masere Calls For Census and NID Audit

Minister for Administrative Services, Richard Masere has requested the Auditor-General’s office to conduct an audit into the budget allocation and expenses of the National Census and National Identification Program between 2021 and 2023.

This decision follows concerns voiced by the University of PNG regarding transparency and efficiency in resource usage for these critical national endeavours.

Minister Masere underscored the government’s commitment to accountability and integrity in public fund management, emphasizing the need for transparency in resource allocation and utilization.

"Ensuring transparency and accountability is paramount to our administration. We take seriously any concerns regarding the allocation and utilization of public funds," Masere stated.

The audit aims to provide an independent and comprehensive examination of the budget allocation and expenditure in both the National Census and NID programs to identify potential discrepancies, inefficiencies, or mismanagement.

Masere urged the Auditor-General’s office to prioritize the audit, emphasizing the importance of timely action in addressing identified issues and implementing necessary reforms.

He also highlighted the significance and dedication of the Papua New Guinea Government to conducting the National Population Census in 2024 and expediting the National Identification registration.

"These initiatives are vital for our nation’s development and planning. We are dedicated to ensuring their success and accuracy," he added.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the Auditor-General’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of accountability and transparency in public administration.

The audit is expected to bolster public trust and confidence in the government’s initiatives while ensuring the efficient and effective use of public funds.

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