Madang Tech acts on measures

The Madang Technical College has ended its academic year and majority of the students have left the campus, following the tragic death of student James Lotus last week.

The administration, however, is taking bold measures to ensure that next academic year and onwards, students should not befall such atrocities.

Principal Marcus Weimeia is being proactive by coordinating for a protest march from the school to the Madang Provincial Government House, to present a petition, which they want immediate action on.

In light of the petition, one of their issues raised is the closure of the access road running through the school, dividing it into 2, the administration area and the boarding quarters, which then runs to a juncture joining the Nabasa road onto Divine Word University.

This is a gazetted road and it is also accessed by Govstoa settlers who reside next to the University. The institution wants all these access roads to be closed off to the public and residing settlements for safety reasons.

From last week up, the principal has been tirelessly working on drafts to ensure that something is done about it. His efforts paid off when provincial Lands gave the green light to proceed in constructing a brick wall closing off the access for the public.

An elated and relieved Mr Weimeia stated that this would now ensure the safety of students forward next academic year and fewer problems related to settlers and commuters along the Kusbau and Nabasa roads.

The school has purchased all materials needed to construct a brick wall closing off the roads from the Bakery area and the Junction from Nabasa Road.

They have written a formal letter to the Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim to dispatch officers to the location to ensure workers' safety and observe the construction.

Further to that, Maritime College is also planning to extend its wall across to meet Divine Word University boundary which will see total closure of the access path from Govstoa into Nabasa road. Commuters from Govstoa will now have to go right through the DCA compound or take a boat ride from the boat stops into town.

These measures are deemed vital to ensure that students move around freely off campus and in around the three institutions situated alongside each other. Their march is also yet to be confirmed.

Madang is one small province in the country that hosts five major tertiary institutions in the country; Divine Word University, Maritime College, Madang Technical College, Madang Teacher’s College and the Lutheran School of Nursing.

The compassionate support from Madang residents, business houses, individuals and government has been immense with many offering to meet the expenses of the Late James Lotus’ repatriation and other accrued expenses.

Deputy Principal (Academic) Gabriel Poska thanked the communities for their support and the Police for their swift response in apprehending and calming the situation.

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