Health Workers Needed for Central

A desperate call has been made for Community Health Workers (CHW) to be stationed in the five districts of the Central province.

“Anybody who is less than 63 years old and also those who have recently graduated from a Nursing school must report immediately to the Provincial Operation Center (POC) here at Konedobu,” said Dr Amini.

Dr Amini said this is a nationwide call out made by the National Health Department for 600 CHW or nursing officers to be recruited immediately.

”But for Central Province we must have at least 60 to 100 personnel to be recruited but they have to be where they are. If they are from Rigo District, they have to be posted to Kwikila, or they can work in the respective districts.

“We ask for any health workers out there, who wants to come on-board to assist in surveillance and vaccination exercise in the province,” Dr Amini said.

He said Bereina Health Centre is down with manpower with only four officers working there. A big task that requires health workers to be recruited immediately.

It was made known at the meeting that each district of Rigo, Abau, Kairuku, Hiri and Goilala will need 10 health workers respectively to work alongside senior officers as vaccinators in the province.

Provincial Controller and Acting Administrator, Francis Koaba said all interested health workers who have been out of work must come forward to the Provincial Operation Center at Konedobu, together with recently graduated nursing officers, so their registration as certified nursing officers and CHWs can be fast tracked and they can help assist in fighting the surge of the Coronavirus and the Delta Variant in the province.

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