EMT arrives from UK

National Pandemic Controller, Commissioner David Manning, welcomed a 10-member Emergency Medical Team (EMT) dispatched from the United Kingdom.

They will be deployed to the Mt. Hagen Provincial Hospital in Western Highlands for the next 6 weeks. 

“The situation up there is in dire need of specialist assistance and from the NCC, we are grateful for this genuine token of friendship and assistance from the British government,” Manning said at the National Control Centre.

Manning stated that the reason behind the deployment is the recent surge of COVID-19 Delta variant cases in the last two months.

“It’s a very serious situation for us so again, we appreciate the teams and foreign assistance in these trying times,” continued Manning.

“We are mindful of the fact that they have left their loved ones in similar situations in their country to assist others who are equally on a greater need than their own people and their own country.”

British High Commissioner, Keith Scott, reciprocated the warm welcome and said since the pandemic began two years ago, they tried to respond to requests from the government of Papua New Guinea for assistance.

“That has included helping with the awareness campaign of the Niupela Pasin, helping St. John Ambulance with some infrastructure development in Port Moresby, and we provided half a million US$ worth of medical equipment in response to the last wave of COVID-19,” he said.

“I’m delighted that now we’ve been able to take that assistance to an extra level and with the arrival of the UK Emergency Medical Team.

“I’m delighted to give a first response to a direct appeal from Dr. Daoni and his colleagues for assistance.

“It is a chance for the British Medical Team to put to the best use here in PNG.”

EMT leader, Peter Sykes, said they are looking forward to learning from the local health team, as much as the local team will learn from them.

“We come as a self-contained unit with our own logistics so we will not be a burden on our health partners in our host country,” Sykes outlined.

Frieda Kana