ATS Evictions

Eviction has begun on portion 695 of the ATS settlement, at 8 mile.

An eyewitness, whose family is also being evicted, said that at noon today excavator operators came with their machines, accompanied by three Police vehicles.

The license plate of the police vehicles were taped over to avoid identification.

The eyewitness said the fully armed policemen went into the settlement and tore down pit toilets and trees in every yard.

The eyewitness said last week PANGU Party’s General Secretary Morris Tovebae and the Member for Moresby North East, John Kaupa visited the settlers and assured them that the eviction would not take place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The eyewitness said Kaupa also assured them that local leaders, including Governor Powes Parkop, would sit with the developer to negotiate a win-win solution for both parties involved, and that they would be present to fight the eviction with the settlers.

The settlement is now quiet.

Some residents have packed up and moved, with many others still in limbo with nowhere to go.

A group of youths from the settlement are attempting to speak to the governor regarding the evictions.

Loop Author