MSPNG Transports Families For Vaccination

Marie Stopes PNG (MSPNG) has been providing transport for families of its staff in Port Moresby to be vaccinated against COVID-19, starting on Wednesday October 20.

MSPNG has extended its support to transport the family and friends of its employees, from their homes to facilities in Port Moresby.

The initiative was launched to support the government’s ‘Sleeves Up’ COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

MSPNG Country Director, Dr David Ayres said their staff have been 100 percent vaccinated since July, and that has definitely helped them weather the third wave.

“But we think we can do more to protect our families and friends. We know that many people remain hesitant about getting vaccinated, and this small contribution might help them make the decision to get the shot that could save their life,” Dr Ayres said.

Natasha Kedamwana, an accountant from the Auditor General’s Office was one of the first people to embrace this service.

“Employer of the year! I have never come across an organisation providing this kind of service for family and friends. For a while, I was thinking of getting vaccination, but with work and stuff I didn't have the time to get it. Transportation is difficult from where I live,” Ms Kendamana said.

She said it was coincidental that her office went on lockdown the day she saw a Facebook post from her sister who works with MSPNG that the transportation service was available.

“I quickly communicated with her to put my name down on the list, I want to protect myself and the people around me. At first, I had doubts about getting vaccinated but upon reading and watching what is happening around the world, and facts about this deadly virus, I came to an understanding that I should get vaccinated.”

“I think it is very kind of Marie Stopes PNG to be reaching out to the wider community that way. Helping people get vaccinated goes a long way.

“You help one person, you're also helping a family, community and the country in keeping each other safe,” Ms Kendamana concluded.

MSPNG continues transporting more family and friends of their employees to vaccination sites this week.

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