Do not leave children with relatives

An underaged child should not be left alone with relatives or neighbours.

New Ireland Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli, stressed on this after a complaint was lodged on the sexual assault of a seven-year-old elementary student on Simberi Island, in the Sentral Niu Ailan Rural LLG.

Police at the Konos Police Station filed a report that on Saturday, May 25th, a 45-year-old Eastern Highlands man took a seven-year-old girl, who was playing with his daughter, into the bush and pushed his fingers into her private part. This occurred at around 7pm. 

The Henganofi man was later arrested and charged for sexually penetrating an underaged child.

“This is a very important message that I would like to leave with the mothers, especially,” said PPC Beli.

“We try to avoid such from happening. My call is to parents to take extra care of your children.

“This case is very serious and does not look good when a person of that age commits such a crime but he will have to pay the price so that can be a lesson to others.

“I pray and hope that the case goes through and the message is received loud and clear by the general public, especially the male populace.”

Loop Author