Voluntary contribution a lifeline

Meet Dr. Jimmy Kambo, a dedicated medical professional with 23 years of public service, currently serving as the Director of Curative Health Services with the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority.

Dr. Kambo shares his story about securing a home for himself and his family with the assistance of Voluntary Contribution. 
A home brings comfort and security and owning a home represents far more than just a physical space. It also captures a sense of stability, security, and belonging.  
Working in various provinces, Dr. Kambo's employer, the Provincial Health Department, often had to rent accommodation for staff due to a shortage of institutional housing. The recurring anxiety of landlords demanding rent, delayed by his employer, was a constant worry and frustration. 
“I am not just a medical professional, I am also a husband and a father and I have a family who depend on me. At one stage while out on duty travel, I vividly remember having to make a distressing call to my family, asking them to move out within that same week because our rent was overdue. I was in no position to support them during this time as I was in another province and my young family of four had to deal with that move themselves – the feeling of helplessness, frustration, and anxiety is something I will never forget.” 
Voluntary Contribution was a lifeline - Dr. Kambo’s decision earlier in his career to increase his superannuation contributions by 9 percent totalling to 15 percent through Nambawan Super’s Voluntary Contribution product played an important role at a critical stage in his life when he decided to buy a home for himself and his family.  
“In 2020, I stood at the crossroads again, facing yet another threat of eviction. This time, armed with the courage provided by my Voluntary Contribution and Housing Advance Eligibility, I was determined to buy a home for myself and my family. My Housing Advance eligibility was my lifeline. Without Voluntary Contribution, I wouldn’t have been able to quickly secure a 10 per cent equity to buy my home and allow me to break free from the bond of renting. The feeling of owning a home, a sanctuary for my family, is wonderful and satisfying.” 
Dr. Kambo and his family now enjoy the satisfaction of homeownership, conducting maintenance at their own convenience. His Housing Advance, along with personal savings with Nambawan Savings & Loans Society as well as his personal savings with the Bank, provided the financial backing needed to secure their family home. 
Build a bridge towards your retirement, reflecting on his journey, Dr. Kambo shares the valuable lessons he learned: 
Start early and cultivate a savings culture. 
“Nambawan Super provides Members with products like Voluntary Contributions, Housing Advance, and the Financial Literacy Program. Take advantage of these products so you are able to make more informed decisions toward securing a comfortable retirement in the future. The Nambawan Savings and Loans Society is also available for your short-term savings.” 
Build a bridge now toward your retirement while you are still employed
“My experience emphasizes the importance of financial discipline, early planning, and taking advantage of the opportunities available. By building a bridge towards retirement through homeownership, you are not only securing a home for your family but also safeguarding your financial well-being in retirement, as a house can also provide you with a source of income if you decide to rent out this property.”