Wapenamanda to revive mini cultural show

After almost three decades the Wapenamanda district in Enga Province is set to revive its cultural show in an effort to resurrect its fading traditions.

The Cultural Show chairman Samson Las, expressed his determination to rejuvenate the event in partnership with the National Cultural Commission (NCC).

The formal launch of the Wapenamanda cultural show took place at the NCC office in Port Moresby. At the ceremony, the NCC presented certificate of participation and recognition to the district show committee certifying the Wapenamanda District Cultural Show as a nationally sanctioned event.

Las assured the media during a press conference that despite recent troubles in isolated parts of the district, the community is eager to host this significant cultural event.

"Wapenamanda district is a peaceful place, and though recent troubles are a concern, the people are looking forward to hosting the big event," he stated.

He further announced plans to collaborate with the show committee, community leaders, and district support to ensure a successful event. A specific date for the cultural show will be announced in the coming month once preparations are complete.

A highlight of the cultural show will be the exhibition of a unique banana plant believed to have originated in Wapenamanda and later spread to other parts of the highlands region. Las mentioned, "It will be a unique show where people will bring different types of bananas for display."

Meantime, when addressing security concerns, the Wapenamanda DDA emphasized that security forces would collaborate with communities, ensuring a safe event. They confirmed that the necessary paperwork is underway for the event scheduled for next month.

Elijah Tapie, the First Secretary to the Minister for Tourism, Art, and Culture, highlighted the government's recognition and commitment to the cultural show. He expressed belief that cultural events act as catalysts for positive change, uniting clans and tribes.

"Cultural shows bring people and communities together to celebrate, dance, and participate in something unique and significant in society. They serve as cues for peace, unity, and law and order," Tapie added.

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