Naughty By Nature debut in PNG

In anticipation of its grand 30th-anniversary celebration in August next year, Lamana Hotel is leaving no stone unturned to mark the occasion.

The Gold Club, known for hosting unforgettable shows with international music legends, has once again taken the lead by bringing the iconic American hip-hop group Naughty By Nature to Papua New Guinea.

The celebrated hip-hop group landed on the shores of PNG on Saturday, November 25th, setting the stage on fire with their debut performance. The night was dedicated to commemorating the 30th anniversary of their smash hit 'Hip Hop Hooray' and celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop globally.

In an interview with TVWAN, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee shared insights into Naughty By Nature's journey. Despite the global COVID shutdown, DJ Kay Gee revealed that the trio had been hard at work, creating and releasing new music under their project name, Iltown Sluggers. The group is also actively involved in developing a roster of new artists in their hometown area of Orange County.

Reflecting on their illustrious career, Vin Rock stated, "We've been in the game for so long that at this point, every other year is a milestone, and it's a blessing."

DJ Kay Gee hinted at upcoming celebrations for the 30th year of their 4th Grammy Award-winning album, 'Poverty’s Paradise.'

As for what the audience could expect from the night's show, Vin Rock promised a high-energy experience. The group planned to kick off the party with DJ Dow Boy and a countdown of 25 favourite songs from Australia before delivering a mix of classic Naughty By Nature hits.

Sharing their first impressions of Papua New Guinea, Vin Rock expressed admiration for the tropical surroundings, likening it to Jamaica. They acknowledged the rich history of the land and its indigenous people, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and respecting their heritage.

Naughty By Nature's debut in PNG, not only marked a musical extravaganza but also showcased the group's commitment to celebrating milestones and connecting with diverse audiences worldwide. 

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