Island Talent Takes Hollywood Stage

Two Papua New Guinean siblings are making waves in the film industry as they star in a short narrative film set to premiere in Hollywood.

Regina Pande and her brother Graham, both hailing from the Western Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea, will feature in a movie entitled "Bataplai/Butterfly". The film, directed by PNG-New Zealander woman Veialu Alia Unsworth, tells the story of a mixed-race Papua New Guinean-American woman who defies her family's strict rules to pursue her passion as a make-up artist.

The siblings, now residing in Silicon Valley, expressed their delight at being part of the groundbreaking project that sheds light on the experience of Pacific Islanders and Papua New Guinean-Americans. They see this as an opportunity to broaden people's perspective on their culture and showcase their talent on an international platform.

Twenty-nine-year old Regina, who is studying Film and Media at the Ohlone Community College in Fremont, California, plays a supporting role in the film. Meanwhile, her 27-year old brother Graham, who is currently studying Psychology at San Jose State University in California, plays the lead male role.

The film premiered in Hollywood on May 5th, 2023, and the siblings flew to Los Angeles to attend the event. The premiere is expected to draw a large audience and generate buzz in the film industry.

This is a significant moment for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islander community as a whole, as their culture and talent are finally being recognized and celebrated on a global scale. We wish Regina and Graham Pande all the best for their Hollywood debut and look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

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