Gold Entertainment set for international event

Gold Entertainment Limited have seen the countries interest in music from the south Pacific and have decided to announce their second International event of Pacific Artists this year.

The 10th of June is the set date and Pacific artists performing at the Lamana Gold Club, DJ Noiz, Kennyon Brown, Bina Butta & Rellek Brown.

Gold Entertainment Limited a newly established music industry in PNG launched on the eve of Christmas last year with their first International daylight concert with artists; Saiikay, Tarvin Toune, Mal Meninga Kuri and Stagajah as well as Solomon Island’s Singer Young Davies

Director of Gold Entertainment Ltd, Samuel Lupo, stated that he has been in contact with Co-founder of FutureNow Music, Mark Martins who also manages the performing artists.

Both Martins and Lupo were in discussion since September of last year when Lupo headed to Cold Coast.

This will be the group’s first ever show in PNG. The performing artists with their musical journey have shown great achievement; with the song

1. ‘Chill’ receiving Platinum in New Zealand and Gold in Australia and NZ

2. ‘Lady Love’ with Platinum in NZ and Gold in Australia & NZ.

3. ‘Senorita’ the song with Gold in Australia, NZ & Philippines. Another song called

4. ‘Morning Ride’ with Gold in Australia & NZ

5. ‘Ofa Mai’ the song with Gold in Australia & NZ

6. ‘She Mad, She Angry’ with Gold in NZ and

7. ‘Amelia’with Gold in NZ

Another well-known Pacific artist joining the group will be ‘The Remix King’ in the Pacific, DJ Noiz, will be in attendance. Noiz came from humble beginnings of growing up in the small-town of Robinvale in the south west of NSW with a strong Samoan and Tongan heritage.

He has burst on the scene in 2012 and became a Sound cloud favorite with his unique island style reggae remixes racking up an astonishing 15 million streams in the first 2 years being active.