Digicel backs Kokonas Festival

The ‘Kokonas Festival’, a local concept developed by one Ferdinand Kamisum of Coral Springs Studio in Madang, will take place on Madang’s Karkar Island in celebration of Papua New Guinea’s 49th Independence anniversary this year.

Digicel PNG Ltd has thrown support behind this home-grown concept with K10,000 worth of assistance. General Manager for Digicel’s Madang branch, Jeremiah Piawu presented a K5,000 dummy cheque to Mr Kamisum on Wednesday. The other K5,000 will be in-kind support. Kamisum thanked Digicel PNG Ltd saying the support will help the festival committee’s preparation efforts over the next two months.

“The main idea behind it is we cannot, always and all the time rely on government funds and all these, we have to create our own and come to an initiative or create something for the betterment of the people”.

The festival will feature a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions, sporting matches, cultural performances, games and food stalls during September 13th – 16th. Mr. Kamisum stated that since Karkar Island boasts its significant historical value of coconuts, and being a top contributor in copra production in the country, it was only right to name the event as the ‘Kokonas Festival’.

“50 percent of all the takings in our event will go towards the community-based projects like health, education and other human resource and other necessary activities”.

He assured Digicel that a full audit will be made from the funding received for accountability and transparency purposes, and future partnerships with similar community initiatives.

Loop Author