Bundi Komba Festival set for this year

The ‘Bundi Komba Festival’ will be on again this year from April 17-19.

The event will feature over 15 cultural groups from as far as Eastern Highlands, Simbu and in Bundi, Madang Province. It is a registered cultural event of PNG with the National Cultural Commission of PNG.  

The event is a rare food culture festival of PNG centred around the art of ‘pandanus conoideus’ or ‘komba’ in local dialect, and is the only registered festival in the Usino-Bundi District promoting adventure, culture and agritourism in Madang Province and the Northern Corrridor of Simbu. 

It is an initiative of Kumura Foundation under its ‘Sustainable Development’ focus to help improve the livelihood of the marginalised locals through this festival and to help revive and preserve the rare cultures of Bundi. 

“The foundation is thankful to the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority and the National Cultural Commission of PNG for their sponsorships and continued support,” said director of Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura. 

“The festival started in 2019 with just nine cultural groups and has grown from strength to strength over the years. 

“Last year, 19 cultural groups with over 4,000 people attended the event.

“Bundi is in a strategic economic corridor of Madang and Simbu and therefore, we are calling upon the respective provincial authorities of both Madang and Simbu to help fund this amazing food culture festival of PNG.”

Loop author