Anslom's Global Reggae Rise

Papua New Guinea's reggae artist, Anslom is making waves globally as he secures endorsements from reggae legends like Joaquin “Quino” McWhinney, AJ Brown and Aston Barrett Jnr.

Positioned to become PNG's first international reggae sensation, Anslom is collaborating with The Wailers on a 12-track album, emphasizing positive messages and spirituality.

The recognition extends beyond the music realm, with the PNG government acknowledging Anslom's potential to boost tourism. Supported by the National Gaming Control Board, Anslom sees his music as a universal platform to promote Papua New Guinea on a global scale.

Amidst a familiarization tour in the USA, Anslom, alongside his producer Emmanuel ‘Toxicmahn’ Muganaua, is dedicated to creating captivating music videos for the upcoming album with The Wailers.

The strategic decision to cancel all tours for the year underscores their commitment to completing this transformative project.

Looking ahead, Anslom's management reveals plans for a 2024 world tour, spanning the USA, South America, and the Caribbean, alongside The Wailers and other reggae greats.

As Anslom emerges as a reggae ambassador, his journey signifies a historic moment for Papua New Guinea on the international music stage.

Loop Author