Gordon Clinic receives BSP support

Gone are the days when mothers and infants had to endure makeshift healthcare facilities under tents outside Gordons Clinic.

Thanks to BSP's Retail head office and BSP First teams, the clinic has undergone a remarkable transformation with the addition of two new consultation rooms, valued at K120,000.

This is to enhance healthcare accessibility as BSP Financial Group spearheaded a project at the Gordon Clinic, marking a milestone in community development and corporate social responsibility.

The impact of this project extends far beyond bricks and mortar. With the Gordons Clinic serving up to 3,000 patients monthly, predominantly from the Moresby North-East area and neighboring regions like the Hiritano Highway, this initiative is poised to revolutionize healthcare access for countless individuals.

BSP's Head of Retail Payments, Peter emphasized the company's commitment to community-driven projects. "Our Community Projects initiative, led by our staff, embodies our dedication to civic duty and fostering stronger ties with the communities we serve," Komon stated during the facility handover ceremony.

The collaboration between BSP and the Gordons Clinic underscores the vital role of corporate entities in bolstering essential services, as echoed by NCD Provincial Health Authority chief executive officer, Dr. Steven Yennie.

"BSP's continuous support, spanning projects such as the extension of waiting areas at Gerehu Hospital and various clinics across the city, exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between private enterprises and public healthcare providers," Dr. Yennie remarked.

BSP's annual Community Projects, spanning education, health, sports, and environmental initiatives, exemplify the company's holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. The Gordon Clinic extension stands as a testament to BSP's commitment to the well-being of its customers and stakeholders, from grassroots communities and upwards.

As healthcare continues to take centre stage in national development agendas, BSP's initiative serves as a beacon of hope, paving the way for a healthier, more resilient community.

Loop Author