Newly-certified marine officers

This month, Consort Express Lines welcomed the return of 14 newly-certified deck and engine officers, recently graduating from the Fiji Maritime Academy in Suva, Fiji.

The company-sponsored officers obtained their Officer of the Watch certification after completing a 14-month course abroad. 

“We’re happy to welcome the next generation of officers and maritime logistics experts. Consort Express Lines is proud as a company which continues to upskill our staff through consistent training courses and further education,” said Edward Fitzgerald, marine manager at Consort Express Lines.

“It is inspiring to see such a large group of hard-working Papua New Guinean cadets put everything into their studies, and in turn their careers in PNG’s maritime sector.

“After all the hard work put into setting up the system to get the cadets to Fiji, it’s great to see them returning as qualified officers of such a high caliber, this will benefit Consort for years to come and hopefully inspire other PNG seafarers and young adults to choose this career path,” added Fitzgerald.

The influx of certified junior officers will greatly contribute to the development of Consort’s deck and engine department as each graduate has received the best training in the Pacific region and will now embark on furthering their careers in PNG’s maritime industry.

The courses included bridge resource management training, engine room resource management training and comprehensive simulator training sessions. Obtaining their Officer of the Watch certificates will now allow the officers to sail up to 2nd officer (deck) and 3rd officer (engine) on Consort’s fleet of multipurpose vessels.

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