K50,000 For Copra Price Support

Copra farmers in Gazelle District, East New Britain are expected to be getting a better price for their produce.

This follows a decision by the Gazelle District Development Authority to support copra farmers through price support funds for dry copra farmers paid directly to them through existing buying points.

Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong presented a cheque of K50,000 to Green Bay Buying Point on Saturday 21st of October.

He said almost 60 percent of copra farmers in the Gazelle district sell their produce to Green Bay Buying Point and this support is for farmers.

Mr Wong said the copra process starting from the field to when it is sold is not an easy task for farmers and often they get very little for their hard work.

“The Gazelle DDA wants to add the subsidy to every kilogram so that all copra buyers will pay K2.30 per kilogram and no less. Farmers are the very people we should assist to put money directly into their pockets.”

He said the Gazelle DDA is focused on empowering majority of the people who are presently living a subsistence life.

Mr Wong said this complemented the Government’s interventions such as price support and other incentives and initiatives that would see economic growth as the ward level.

Managing Director of Green Bay Buying Point, William Tovue thanked the Gazelle DDA for the support that will assist the farmers from Gazelle district.

(Picture Caption: Minister Wong presenting the cheque to Mr Tovue (1st from right) and witnessed by Gazelle DDA board members.)

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